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EmS Ltd Company Profile


Electrical Mechanical Solutions (EmS)Ltd. was formed by the longest serving AJS employee to continue the services when AJS was liquidated on 25th January, 2008.


AJS Electrical  was founded in 1980 by John and Janet Fletcher, as a Partnership, to provide high quality installation, commissioning and servicing of electrical and mechanical machinery and to repair motors and pumps.


In 1985 the Company decided to become ‘Limited’, which it subsequently did.


The Company established a reputation throughout the geographical area, especially the West Midlands, for quality craftsmanship and the utmost reliability of its work.  AJS had, and continued to have, major clients on its books and expanded its customer base weekly.  The Company’s success was, and remained, due to its commitment to quality and customer service.


Throughout its existence AJS Electrical Limited utilised the skills and expertise of its workforce to offer an ever-increasing range of services to its expanding customer base.  The Company was proud to include Birmingham City Council as one of its major clients.  Services included a wide range of electrical and mechanical repairs and rewinds for Motor and Pump manufacturing companies.


EmS Ltd. is now committed to continuing and expanding this high quality service with its experienced and multi-talented workforce, coupled with an in-depth and personal customer service.